Tweetchatting – Guide for Participants

For starters here are a few guidelines or top tips, these will help you get involved in an #OTalk tweetchat:

Follow @OTalk_, you may also wish to follow the chat host (although this is not required to be involved in the #OTalk chat).  Twitter handles (names) are provided in each chat introduction post.

If you think you may tweet more than a few times during the chat, you may wish to let your followers know that you are going to be joining in a chat (do this just before the chat starts). That way they can ‘ignore’ you temporarily if the chat topic is not of interest to them. They may also be interested and join in. All are welcome.

During a chat, add the hashtag (tag) #OTalk to all your tweets so that they can be searched for. This means that everyone following #OTalk will see your tweets; and when the chat transcript is generated your tweets will be there too.

If your tweets are usually protected (i.e., if you have a padlock next to your handle), people who are not following you will not be able to see your contributions to the chat. Please turn this protection off if you plan to tweet into an #OTalk chat. There are instructions for turning protection on and off here.

You may prefer to use a third party tool or site such as , TweetChat, TweetDeck or HootSuite. All are free and can help to focus your time on just the #OTalk tweets during the chat. TweetChat even adds the #OTalk for you so you can not forget.

If you have any questions please do tweet the team @OTalk_ or any of the organising team who will be happy to help… we are @Helen_OTUK, @kirstyes, @GeekyOT and @GillyGorry

If you have any other ‘top tips’ please do let us know in the comments below and we will update as we can. Have fun and we look forward to chatting with you.


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