Journal (Media) Club: Guide for Guest Hosts


Choosing a Paper

We invite you to choose a paper that is interesting to you, and at the same time has relevance for others. Consider the accessibility of the paper for others in our community, and also the quality of the paper. We encourage you to use a Critical Appraisal Tool (see the Journal (Media) Club resources page) to support your evaluation of the paper.

If you’re feeling brave, you may even like to contact the author(s) of the paper and invite them to participate in the chat.

Pre-Chat Blog Post

Please prepare a short blog post to introduce the paper you have chosen and email it to the OTalk team by the first Tuesday of the month before your chat. In it, please include:

  • The link/reference of the paper you have chosen
  • A brief summary of the paper (or a copy of the abstract)
  • A brief explanation of why you have chosen this article for discussion
  • Approximately 3 questions/discussion points that have emerged from your reading of the article – to be discussed in the journal club

Please check the blog post for comments and reflections during the month and post, where relevant, to support the discussion.

During the Chat

Please be aware that you will need an open/publicly viewable Twitter account for hosting a chat – if your Twitter account is ‘protected’/locked, only your followers will be able to read your tweets.  If you have a locked account, you could either un-protect it for the purpose/duration of the chat, or alternatively create an open account. Further information about protecting/unprotecting your tweets is available at this link on the Twitter website (opens in a new window).

On the evening of the chat, make sure you have a comfort break ahead of the 8pm start, because the conversation gets going quickly and you’ll be busy until 9pm!
You will be supported by a member of the OTalk team, who will welcome people to the chat, remind everyone to use the hashtag, and generally manage the community so that you can focus on the conversations. You can Direct Message your supporter during the chat if you have any questions or need help.
Your role will be to have a few questions and comments to hand to introduce into the conversation, its also worth having a few useful resources open on your computer so that you can share the links during the chat. If you can spare any time after the chat, there are often conversations continuing, but it’s understood that the leader of the chat often has other commitments (or needs a glass of wine!) so there’s no pressure to continue beyond the hour.


After the Chat

A member of the OTalk team will save a transcript of the discussion approximately 24 hours after the journal club has finished. We invite you to write a short summary or reflection on the chat. Please email this to the OTalk team within a week.

You will receive a certificate for your participation. You may also like to complete the CPD form available at this link.



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