OTalk/Occhat Topics 2013


OTalk Topic


Occhat Topic

8th Jan 2013  New Year’s ResOTlutions
Announcement … Grabchat
15th Jan 2013 Focus on Models of Practice …Grabchat
22nd Jan 2013 Moving and Handling (Gillian)…Grabchat 29th Jan 2013 Occupational Assessment (Kirsty) Announcement..  .Grabchat
5th Feb 2013 Risk Stratification for Long Term Conditions (Helen) Announcement Grabchat 12th Feb 2013 Sharing Stories of how Occupation Supports our Mental Health (Claire) Grabchat
19th Feb 2013 Driving as an Occupation (Gillian) Grabchat 26th Feb 2013  Occupational Goal Setting (Kirsty)
Announcement Grabchat
5th Mar 2013 Integrated Health and Social Care (Helen) Announcement Grabchat 12th Mar 2013 Occupational Interventions (Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
19th Mar 2013 Using Pinterest to Support OT Practice (Helen)Announcement Grabchat 26th Mar 2013 Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures (Michelle Perryman – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
2nd Apr2013  Transition to Newly Qualified OT (Clarissa) Announcement Grabchat 9th Apr2013 #BeddingOut (Claire) Announcement Grabchat
16th Apr2013 Self Care for Long Term Conditions (Helen) Announcement Grabchat 23rd Apr2013 World Book Night 2013 – Reading as an Occupation (Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
30th Apr 2013 Working Creatively with Risk (Helen)  Announcement Grabchat 7th May 2013 Boredom (Clarissa) Announcement Grabchat
14th May 2013 Topic Mentor-Mentee Relationships (Bill Wong – Kirsty) Title Announcement  Grabchat 21st May 2013 Topic Occupational Overload (Gillian) AnnouncementGrabchat
28th May 2013 Transformational Leadership (Elaine Hunter – Claire) Announcement Grabchat 4th Jun2013 Ban the Gown – The Occupation of Being in Hospital (Kirsty)
Announcement/ Grabchat
11th Jun 2013 Carer Engagement (Helen) Announcement/Grabchat 18th Jun 2013 COT Conference – Tweetup in person and using #otalkontour (alongside #cot2013)
25th Jun 2013 Topic New Year’s ResOTlutions Review and audit challenge (Kirsty) AnnouncementGrabchat 2nd Jul 2013 Topic Focus on PEO/PEOP Models (Rachel Russell – Kirsty) AnnouncementGrabchat
9thJul 2013 Professional Boundaries AnnouncementGrabchat 16th Jul 2013 Occupation vs Function Debate  AnnouncementGrabchat
23rd Jul 2013 Risk Enablement in Practice – Follow Up AnnouncementGrabchat 30th Jul 2013  Occhat Tea Party Announcement/ Grabchat
6th Aug 2013 Politics in OT Announcement/ Grabchat 13th Aug 2013 Teaching/Learning Occupational Science Announcement/ Grabchat
20th Aug 2013 Joint Working in Allied Health Professions Announcement and Grabchat 27th Aug 2013 What is Evidence? (OTalk/Occhat) (Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
3rd Sep 2013 Journal [Media] Club Launch (Team) Announcement Grabchat 10th Sep 2013 ICF Model (Simon – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
17th Sep 2013 When OT Goes Wrong (@pd2OT – Clarissa) Announcement Grabchat Responses 24th Sep 2013 TRAMm Model for CPD (Sarah and Roe – Kirsty) Announcement  Grabchat
1st Oct 2013 HCPC Audit – Special OTalk 7-8 (HCPC – Gill) Announcement GrabchatJournal [Media] Club How Do We ‘See’ Occupations? An Examination of Visual Research Methodologies in the Study of Human Occupation (Kirsty) Announcement and Grabchat 8th Oct 2013 #OTvx13 – Virtual Classroom Trial Announcement
15th Oct 2013 Combat Stress (Karen – Helen) Announcement Grabchat 22nd Oct 2013 Occupational Therapy and Work Retention (Lisa and Jean – Helen) Announcement Grabchat
29th Oct 2013 Preparing for OT Interviews (Vicki – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat 5th Nov 2013 Journal [Media] Club  – What actually informs practice: occupational therapists’ views of evidence. (Sarah and Hannah) Announcement Grabchat
12th Nov 2013 OT as a Degree (Ashley – Clarissa) Announcement Grabchat 19th Nov 2013 Dementia – What’s the Evidence (Elaine Hunter – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
26th Nov 2013 Games in Rehabilitation (Rachel Proffitt – Clarissa) Announcement Grabchat 3rd Dec 2013 Journal [Media] Club  Title TBC (Rebecca Haigh – Helen) Announcement Grabchat
10th Dec 2013 SM and Healthcare Education (Rachel Jones – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat 17th Dec 2013 Bespoke Relaxation (Fiona – Kirsty) Announcement Grabchat
24th Dec 2013 Xmas Break 31st Dec 2013 Xmas Break – Return 7th Jan 2014

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