OTalk/Occhat Topics 2011 and 2012

 Dates   OTalk Topics  Dates Occhat Topics
25th Oct 2011 #OTalk – OTs Professional Identity – how do we describe our role to others 1st Nov 2011 #occhat – What do we understand by occupational science? What does it mean for OT? Does it mean anything to others?
8th Nov 2011 #OTalk – Social Media tools in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 15th Nov 2011 Sharing our personal experiences of how occupations contribute to our health and wellbeing.
22ndNov 2011 #OTalk – Should OTs work under a different job title? 29thNov 2011 #occhat – The occupied self: the role of occupation in identity
6thDec 2011 #OTalk – What impacts on whether something is considered Occupational Therapy or not? 13thDec 2011 #occhat – An occupational science exploration of Christmas.
Xmas break Xmas break Xmas break Xmas break
10th Jan 2012 #OTalk – Group work in MDT settings 17thJan 2012 #occhat – Natural Environment and occupation
24thJan 2012 #OTalk – OT and Autism 31stJan 2012 #occhat – Spirituality and occupation
7th Feb 2012 #OTalk – Potential role of OT in prevention and management of bullying 14thFeb 2012 #occhat – OT in Non-Traditional Settings
21stFeb 2012 #OTalk – OT and Sexuality N/A N/A
25thFeb 2012 #OTalk – Extra session for Global Day of Service – How OT students can use social media for professional development and to promote OT 28thFeb 2012 #occhat – Occupation and Transitions
6th Mar 2012 #OTalk – Professionalism (1) 13th Mar 2012 #occhat – The Dark Side of Occupation
20th Mar 2012 #OTalk – Professionalism (2) 27th Mar 2012 #occhat – Sleep as an Occupation
3rd Apr 2012 #OTalk – Using Films and Television for Reflection and CPD 10thApr 2012 #occhat – Re-categorizing Occupations
17thApr 2012 #OTalk – 7 Day Working (Lottie) 24thApr 2012 #occhat – Occupation as a Human Right (Cathy)
1stMay 2012 #OTalk – Kawa Model 8th May 2012  #OTalk The Health and Social Care Act (2012)- what does it mean for us?
15th May 2012 #OTalk – The role of Occupational Therapists in Domestic Violence (DV) 22nd May 2012  #OTalk Unscripted (planned topic did not happen)
29th May 2012 #OTalk – NB 26th May also saw us host #OTalk on the Slagle Lecture on Promoting OT (Bill Wong)#OTalk – Unscripted Part 2 (planned topic did not happen) 5th June 2012  #OTalk it’s the Queen Jubilee, so OTalk will be celebrating with an OTea-party.This will be a relaxed #OTalk, just to discuss future ideas for #OTalk/occhat. (Helen)
12th June 2012  #OTalk – Reviewing Day One of COT 2012 (Shaan) 19th June 2012  #occhat – COT Conference Review (OS Papers focus)
26th June 2012  #OTalk – Blogging as a CPD Activity. (Helen) 3rd July 2012  #occhat – Salutogenesis. (Kirsty)
10th July 2012  #OTalk – Privacy/Confidentiality in Blogging. (Helen) 17th July 2012
 #occhat – Occupational Artistry as an antidote to Occupational Science? (Summary/Grabchat) (Allison Sullivan)
24th July 2012  #OTalk – The Role of OT in Public Health. (Helen) 31st July 2012  #occhat: Restorative Occupations (Summary/Grabchat) (Clarissa)
7th August 2012 #OTalk – The use of Skype (or Similar) as a professional tool (Helen) 14th August 2012 #occhat – Writing creatively as a way to develop occupational artistry (Kirsty)
21st Aug 2012  #OTalk – Competition and Excellence in Occupational Therapy (Bill Wong/Gillian) 28th Aug 2012  #occhat – Mindfulness and Occupation (pd2ot and Clarissa)
4th Sept 2012  #OTalk Paralympics Discussion 11th Sept 2012   #occhat – Arts and Crafts in Modern OT. (Gillian)
18th Sept 2012  #OTalk – Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 25th Sept 2012  #OTalk – Professionalism (3) – Keep Talking (Helen)
2nd Oct 2012  #OTalk – Leadership in Occupational Therapy (Gill) 9th Oct 2012   #occhat –

16th Oct 2012  #OTalk – Bread and Butter OT? (Kirsty) 23rd Oct 2012   #occhat – The Meanings Women Attribute to Running (Shaan)
30th Oct 2012  #OTalk – The World OT Day Virtual Exchange will take place around this date so we will leave this day free but people are free to use the hashtag to discuss the topics/presentations from this event. 6th Nov 2012   #occhat – Review of #ot24vx12 from an Occupational Perspective
13th Nov 2012  #OTalk – Psychological Approaches in Occupational Therapy (@CumbrianClaire and Clarissa) 20th Nov 2012   #occhat – Using Equipment to Facilitate Occupation
27th Nov 2012  #OTalk – Getting on Board with your Professional Body (@OTAshbert and Clarissa) 4th Dec 2012   #occhat – Occupational Balance in the Digital Age (Announcement / Grabchat)
11th Dec 2012  #OTalk – The use of apps in Occupational Therapy Practice. (Claire) 18th Dec 2012   #occhat –
Xmas break Xmas break Xmas break Xmas break – restart 8th Jan 2013

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