About #OTalk

#OTalk is a weekly Twitter chat, designed to enable discussion about occupational therapy and the broader academic discipline of occupational science. Chats are organised by four occupational therapists – @gillygorry, @kirstyes, @helen_otuk and @geekyOT, each working in a different clinical area – and facilitated by guest hosts. Although informal, Twitter chats provide excellent continuing professional development opportunities, bringing people together who have diverse perspectives and experiences, without requiring you to travel or pay expensive course fees. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The first #OTalk happened on the 25th October 2011 (the week of World OT Day 2011), and it continues to run each Tuesday at 8-9pm UK time. Last year, we launched a Journal (Media) Club. This takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. We have recently begun collaborating with other professional groups on Twitter to host #MDTChats, and are excited about the new opportunities these partnerships bring.

The topics are broad-ranging, and are generated by the community. Previous discussions have included:

Chat transcripts can be found on our blog.

We are very proud that #OTalk was mentioned in the government’s response to the Francis Report. Our College of Occupational Therapists 2013 conference poster captured some of the reasons why we think social media levels the playing field so effectively. We have also written articles about #OTalk for OT News which you can read here and here.

If you want to join in the discussion, but are new to Twitter/tweetchats, you may find this guide useful. Feel free to contact any of the #OTalk team if you need help with the chats or if you have a chat suggestion. You can find us on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.


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Page last updated 5th May 2014


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