Transcript: Teaching/Learning Occupational Science – #Occhat (13 August 2013)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this week’s #occhat about teaching and learning occupational science.

All #Occhat Participants

The link to the full transcript can be viewed here (link opens in new window), or you may want to access/save a PDF of the chat, available here #Occhat – Teaching/Learning OS Healthcare Social Media Transcript.

If you’d like to document your participation in the chat for continuing professional development, check out our OTalk/Occhat and Your CPD page. Feel free to share any reflections following the chat as a comment on this post.

This week’s stats:








One thought on “Transcript: Teaching/Learning Occupational Science – #Occhat (13 August 2013)

  1. I am new to the concept of occupational science. Although I have learned many of the concepts, I do not recall learning the term occupational science when in school. But I wonder why the need for a separation from OT occurred. It seems that a responsible OT could not practice without these concepts. I don’t disagree with the need for growth of knowledge about OT and occupation, but by dividing into two fields, it creates a chasm between the science and the practice of occupation. It also separates occupation from the therapy, potentially weakening our “owning” occupation as the purview of OT.
    Still open to learning more about OS.

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