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#OTalk 23rd July 2013 – Risk Enablement.

On the 30th April 2013, we had a chat about Working Creatively with Risk. The pre-chat post can be found here: Working Creatively with Risk. During the chat we shared resources, including guidelines and models. The chat was very busy and and we did not get to explore experiences so we set 23rd July aside … Continue reading

#OTalk 9th July 2013. Professional Boundaries, Hosted by Darren Gormley

Many thanks to our guest host Darren Gormley for facilitating this thought provoking discussion. Chat transcrip has been taken from Health Care Hash Tags, 358,526 Impressions 437 Tweets 40 Participants OTalk_Occhat Tonight #OTalk will be discussing… Mon Jul 8 22:03:02 PDT 2013   ReplyRetweetFavorite GillyGorry RT @OTalk_Occhat: Tonight #OTalk will be discussing… Mon Jul 8 22:04:45 PDT 2013   ReplyRetweetFavorite Helen_otuk RT @OTalk_Occhat: Tonight #OTalk will be discussing… Mon Jul 8 22:18:46 … Continue reading

#Occhat 16th July 2013 Occupation or Function: Debate. Transcript.

What a lively and stimulating debate. Thanks Occhaters. Please feel free to add thoughts to the comments. The discussion was sparked by this Powers Dirette, Diane Ph.D., OTL (2013) “Letter from the Editor: Let’s Talk about Function,”The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy: Vol. 1: Iss. 3, Article 1.  Available at: OTalk_Occhat Evening all, ready … Continue reading

#OTalk on Professional Boundaries.

#OTalk on the 9th July 2013 will be exploring professional boundaries. Guest host Darren Gormley @MrDarrenGormley has written two thought provoking blogs for Tweeters to read before hand. Uncovering the Mask of Professionalism How One Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words