Posted in May 2013

Occupational Overload, #Occhat 21/05/2012

The ‘Occupational Overload’ chat was hosted by @GillyGorry Thanks to all who participated in this lively discussion Involved … @GillyGorry @BillWongOT @kirstyes @OTalk_Occhat @ajciliaOT @Maria_Markland @Symbolic_Life @OTsinlondon @Georgia_Fair @zzzoooman @Wardmans @DiverseOT @DoBeDoBeDo14 @claireOT @Nnikki_Duffy @DebLants @HarryStarkPhD @_beckyOT @kirsi_hyvarinen @laurapark24 @elaineahpmh @ot_saz @EmmJacq @otnotes @HosiaLVOT @medappjournal @PatriciaRegan @timesecrets @janerahpd @hrisjobs @OTtrees @LindaOTUK @pd2ot @DrakeMaureen @latentexistence @JennaThygesen @Thoodles @GeorgePusey … Continue reading

#Occhat 21/05/2013: Occupational Overload

Tonights #Occhat will be discussing Occupational Overload. Occupational Therapist believe that there is a strong link between occupation and health and well-being, so what happens what occupational overload occurs? How do we define occupational overload? How does occupational overload impact on our occupational performance and participation? On our roles, relationships, habits? on our self care, … Continue reading

#OTalk – 14th May – Mentor-Mentee Relationships

Our #OTalk on 14th May will be hosted by Bill Wong on Mentor-Mentee Relationships (Thanks Bill) Each of us have personal experiences as mentees during our journeys to become OT practitioners, and continue to do so whenever we enter practice settings/or encounter experiences that we may be inexperienced in as occupational therapists.  However, we also … Continue reading

#occhat Grabchat – Boredom (7th May 2013)

Thank you to everyone who participated in last night’s (un-boring) chat! I’d like to add a quote that someone posted in the ‘Mindfulness’ Facebook group in response to my blog post:   The Other Side of Boredom When you are really bored, the best thing you can do is sit down and let yourself experience … Continue reading

#occhat – Boredom (7th May 2013)

What is boredom and what causes it? (How) can boredom be overcome? Is boredom an issue that occupational therapists should address?   You guessed it: the topic for this week’s #occhat is Boredom – join us on Tuesday 7th May at 8pm BST (click link for your local time). We want to hear from you … Continue reading

Grabchat – ‘Working Creatively with Risk’ – #OTalk 30th April 2013.

This week was a great chat with lots of thoughts and discussion about ‘Risk’. This discussion explored our risk cultures and delved into what was good practice. The introduction with some ideas to start the flow of thinking can be found here: As a follow up we have reserved 23rd July 2013 to share … Continue reading