Posted in March 2013

Really Proud

All of us at #OTalk/#Occhat are really proud of our fantastic Twitter Community. Yesterday we heard that #OTalk and #WeNurses were mentioned in a government report relation to the series of Professionalism talks we held in response to Karen Middleton’s Big Conversation (which were supported by BAOT/COT). This report is the Department of Health’s ‘Patients … Continue reading

#Occhat – Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures

The final #occhat exploring occupation through the OT process will be hosted by Michelle Perryman @Symbolic_Life (with support from @kirstyes on the OTalk/Occhat account – @OTalk_Occhat). Michelle wrote this to support the occhat. Outcome Measures In the current economic climate ‘payment by results’ is affecting commissioning in health and social care. How is the OT … Continue reading

#occhat – Occupational Interventions (12 March 2013) Grabchat

Here is the grabchat for the Occupational Interventions chat. Thanks Clarissa for grabbing. Involved … @kirstyes @BillWongOT @Symbolic_Life @Richardsblister @Helen_otuk @OTalk_Occhat @Georgia_Fair @charl885 @AnnabelFenn @clissa89 @gilliancrossley @zzzoooman @pd2ot @socphd @SarahDobby77094 @gcarinlevy @MissHeldi @Keeper85 @allisulli @PamelaTiree @Wardmans @CharOTReilly @Donna_Peach @SallyJudges @OTsinlondon @COTSSTO @CastleDaisy @amanda_stand @loobit_lou @BAOTCOT @h_parsons @Jen_OT_Student Top resources … reading

#Occhat – Occupational Interventions (Tues Mar 12th 2013)

Tomorrow’s chat is the third in our series exploring the use of occupation through the OT Process. Time to move on from assessments and planning to Occupational Interventions. Share with us occupational interventions you have used with clients (remember to maintain confidentiality). Do you use occupations as ends or means? or both? What principles are … Continue reading

Grabchat #OTalk 5th March 2013. Integrated health and social care neighbourhood teams.

Involved … @uk_james @OTalk_Occhat @BillWongOT @MaycockN @Helen_otuk @LadybirdLynnie @fullyOccupied @Nnikki_Duffy @Lisa_D_OT @shirleyayres @queenmullers @JennaThygesen @Nursey_JimBob @tigrez @Th00ha @Sal_OTKnut @gerbil10 @gcarinlevy @LeonoraOT @clissa89 @dawnyford @brevagen @CarolBARNETT10 @COLTOChile @CharOTReilly @WhoseShoes @esiobhanoneil @TTESmith @kirstyes @faejones @sociopsychopath @SarahDobby77094 @Steve_MidHeart @fp_em Top resources … Related tags … #otalk … Continue reading

#OTalk – Integrated health and social care neighbourhood care teams – supporting people with Long Term Conditions – Tues 5th March 8pm

This week’s #OTalk is the 2nd of a series of three looking at how to meet the challenge of providing care and support to increasing numbers of people living with long term conditions, requiring both planned and unplanned care. We’ll be exploring the Department of Health’s recommendations to implement the Long Term Conditions model of care. … Continue reading