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#OTalk – Continuing Professional Development: “Getting On Board”

We had 459 unique tweets from 28 people this week. Thank you to everyone who participated! Please share any further thoughts/reflections/resources as a comment – we’d love to hear from you! (CS)   Involved … @clissa89 @BillWongOT @kirstyes @OTalk_Occhat @gilliancrossley @lottie01 @Keeper85 @merrolee @Helen_otuk @Th00ha @uk_james @Symbolic_Life @maureenoats @cgenter @Cathy_OT @Stalkerbird @allisulli @Nnikki_Duffy @Kagebro @LeonoraOT … Continue reading

#occhat Nov 20th 2012- equipment and occupation

Why Equipment? One of the things that non-OTs associate us with is the issuing of equipment, and indeed, facilitating occupation through the use of adaptive equipment is a key part of our OT role. Assistive Equipment is simple, isn’t it? But there are lots of instances where trained support workers, physios and nurses now offer … Continue reading

Originally posted on Claireot's Blog:
I’m in the hotseat for the #occhat Twitter discussion tonight- and it’s been a while since I was able to facilitate, so I am looking forward to it and feeling anxious about it in equal measure! Why¬†are we looking at equipment? One of our core skills as OTs is…

#OTalk – Psychological Approaches and Occupational Therapy (13 November 2012)

Another fast-paced #OTalk this week with 638 unique tweets from 46 accounts! Thank you to everyone who contributed, especially to @CumbrianClaire who took on the challenge of hosting. And a special warm welcome to first-time #OTalkers! (CS)   Involved … @clissa89 @adiemusfree @cumbrianclaire @Helen_otuk @BillWongOT @Richardsblister @KerstinGadsden @HandyOTJO @Keeper85 @Trio33 @pd2ot @roberTO_OT @beingyourdoing @Nnikki_Duffy @clarewilding … Continue reading

#Occhat 6th November 2012 – Grabchat – OT24vx12.

Involved … @Helen_otuk @BillWongOT @kirstyes @Symbolic_Life @gilliancrossley @roberTO_OT @merrolee @CharOTReilly @allisulli @Claire_OT @elaamleung @RebeccaTwinley @EmmaWelsby78 @jfaias @Stalkerbird @OTalk_Occhat @Nnikki_Duffy @stairliftscheme @IdontqiveafuckA @anzOTalk @OT_Expert @MB_Society_OT @LeonoraOT @maryfuller777 @KathrynHope4 @clissa89 @COTSSTO @svr_elia @ShaanOT Top resources … Related tags … #occhat #ot24vx12 #otalk #otgeek #ot See Twitter for more tweets, people, videos and photos … Continue reading

#OTalk/#Occhat – An Idea Whose Time Had Come

A group of Occupational Therapists (OT’s) had been participating in tweetchats including #phdchat (PhD researchers chat) and #nhssm (social media in the NHS) for some time. OTs had been utilising the #OTuesday hashtag to share insights into the daily activities of an OT. Chris Genter floated the idea of a more occupation focussed twitter chat.Once … Continue reading