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#OTalk Tuesday 6th March 2012 Professionalism – the Big Conversation

Tuesday 6th March saw the first of two #OTalk sessions devoted to the subject of professionalism, which has been highlighted by COT ( Thank you to all participants, selections of which are included here to illustrate some of the discussion. The following themes emerged in the conversation: 1)      What is professionalism? Participants offered their own … Continue reading

Anti-Social Occupations: The ‘Dark Side’ of Occupation 13.3.12

Tonight’s Occhat was inspired by Rebecca Twinley’s presentation on anti-social occupations at the International Occupational Science Conference in September 2011. Themes discussed included: how people defined ‘the dark side’ of occupation how occupational therapy and occupational science frameworks can support understanding engagement in anti-social occupations the importance of considering all a person’s occupations, not just … Continue reading

Grabchat of #OTalk 07/03/12 re: Professionalism

Involved … @clissa89 @kirstyes @BillWongOT @BAOTCOT @Helen_otuk @fullyOccupied @ladygould1 @GenevieveSmyth @Lisa_D_OT @cgenter @LeonoraOT @kirsi_hyvarinen @Claire_OT @Annette_McBride @juliewintrup @OTalk_Occhat @RachHallster @cumbrianclaire @BusyOT @ShaanOT @PolarisTherapy @simonburgess84 @COTmdm @thecsp @NaomiMcVey @design4ind_uk @NurChat @claireOT @silkejaeger @HosiaLVOT @SandraGreen76 @Southgatec @lottie01 @beingyourdoing @nursemaiden @anniecoops @Stalkerbird @heatherclarinet @lillieputian @sophiewearing @janetfolland Top resources … Related … Continue reading

occhat 28.02.2012 Occupation and Transitions

Involved … @clissa89 @kirstyes @cgenter @ShaanOT @RunawayBomber @Helen_otuk @silkejaeger @Lisa_D_OT @kirsi_hyvarinen @rebelraising @Claire_OT @gilliancrossley @fullyOccupied @GentleChaos @mrsjellyhead @juliewintrup @claireOT @RachHallster @LucyPeo @BAOTCOT @lottie01 @OTalk_Occhat @LeonoraOT @AmanDuf76 Top resources … See Twitter for more tweets, people, videos and photos for #occhat @cgenter is there an #occhat tonight? and is there a subject? … Continue reading

#Occhat Summary 14th February

OT in non-traditional settings Summary kindly provided by @AllieHafez. For full transcript, please see here: Themes The main themes that emerged from the chat about non-traditional/emerging OT roles were the following: Practitioner needs to feel secure in OT identity to promote and/or obtain recognition of value OT brings to the services and/or team, even … Continue reading

Global Day of Service #OTalk 25/02/12

Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service The Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service on 25th February 2012 was celebrated by OT Students based at Salford University- bravo to them for such a successful event. This post uploaded by @ClaireOT, Summary by @GillianCrossley. For the full archive, please see The talk was tagged with #OTGDS and … Continue reading

Archive #OTalk Global Day of Service 25/02/12

Global Day of Service special chat, blog summary by @GillianCrossley to follow #OTalk searchhash was run between 24/02/12 and 26/02/12 Involved … @BillWongOT @gilliancrossley @kirstyes @lottie01 @SandraGreen76 @KMOT2012 @jfaias @cathsteele @promotingot @palomap3 @LeonoraOT @OfficialOShaun @RachHallster @BAOTCOT @Jahte_le Top resources … Related tags … #otalk #ot #otgds #fb #chatathon @SandraGreen76 RT … Continue reading

Archive #OTalk 28/02/12

No OTalk ran, searchhash #OTalk was run from  27/2/12-01/03/12 Involved … @clissa89 @kirstyes @gilliancrossley @claireOT @Lisa_D_OT @AICSOTA @ShaanOT @KPRehabRecruit @Dutchii_Fly @OTalk_Occhat @BAOTCOT @COTSnrOfficer @RhbAlternatives Top resources … Related tags … #otalk #occhat #ot #otuesday #nhssm @gilliancrossley Last night #OTalk for #OTGDS was very interesting. Thanks all who participated! I am working on … Continue reading