#Occhat topic Tuesday 15th Nov 8-9

Our topic for next week’s occupational science (#occhat) will be about ‘Sharing our personal experiences of how occupations contribute to our health and wellbeing.’

Please invite everyone on your twitterstream to join in – this is something we can all talk about.







3 thoughts on “#Occhat topic Tuesday 15th Nov 8-9

  1. Just checking but presumably this means hobbies and things we do for enjoyment for our own well-being as well as OT experiences of using an occupation for others health and well-being?

    • I was thinking of own personal lived experiences (hobbies, work, etc) in a more general sense rather than that we’ve ‘seen’ with clients but happy to go with the flow on the day. Also we don’t just have to talk about positive effects.

  2. Yes, sounds great. I wonder if we will see more debate about smoking? many people talking about it as an occupation… I’ve never felt completely comfortable with the idea, but if we are to be client-centred and it is self-identified as a useful occupation by the client, who am I to question it?

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